25 thoughts on “The Everlasting Guilty Crown [EGOIST] with Lyrics

  1. Angel .G says:

    dear guilty crown writer t(o_o t)….you some how pissed me off and made
    me happy at the same time 

  2. Izaya Orihara says:

    Everybody saying that this anime is bad, well, I love it. And the end too.

  3. Splashing Music says:

    THis is a good song

  4. kevin vallejo says:

    The Everlasting Guilty Crown [EGOIST] with Lyrics

    +Gumi Megpoid este anime me hizo llorar

  5. Shu Ouma says:

    Love it.

  6. Hara Suparyanto says:

    One of my favourite anime the ending was disappointing and character
    develop sucked but overall it’s very good

  7. Raven Evans says:

    What is this anime about and is it good?

  8. Darin Vu says:

    Best song ever!

  9. alison araullo says:

    out of all the anime songs that ive heard this is my fave!

  10. StefKRah says:

    this anime is not bad it’s just different .

  11. Takumi-San Meow says:

    If you skipped Guilty Crown opening!!! You….MONSTER!!! 

  12. Sonia says:

    Listen to this on 1:25 or 1.5 speed. Much epic.

  13. milk good says:


  14. Sparkle Heart says:

    i don’t need the lyrics

  15. flynikes12 says:

    i really wanted to drop this anime after Hare died and Shu went all hitler
    on everybody, but i didnt and i finished it and realized i actually should
    have just dropped it

  16. BigJerBD says:

    Lets be honest : Guilty crown had underdeveloped characters, a rushed
    story, but it had potential. The thing that miss the most to guity crown to
    be good is time. With 50 episode it would have been much better. I agree
    with most of the people, it is visually gorgeous, but when you look deep
    inside the series, it’s 45% empty. the rest is just void.

  17. Inori Yuzuriha says:

    yes so nice!!!

  18. Kẹo Bông says:


  19. Adam Dabbs says:

    +Aono Tsukune You’re an idiot. The ending is technically happy. The ending
    is mistaken: Shu absorbs the crystals but also absorbs Inori, although it
    isn’t said in the anime, he can talk to her in his head, the reason he
    became blind was because Inori was blind, he absorbed her and so to be with
    her he took on her traits. In the end it’s why he reminisces with her. 🙂
    So your idea of this not being a happy ending was incorrect. Oh, also the
    ending wasn’t necessary, 1.) Shu should never have gone mad and tried to
    become an evil king, 2.) Inori could have sung her song, and Shu could have
    absorbed all of the crystals, and neutralised them, ending everything, with
    them being together. It got shit the second his friend died.

  20. ニック Nikku says:

    Guilty Crown is Angel Beats season 2 in my opinion.

  21. MakesYouSick says:

    Am I the only one that preferred dictator Shu over standard Shu?

  22. 渋谷捺貴 says:


  23. julian colombo says:

    The Everlasting Guilty Crown [EGOIST] with Lyrics:

  24. Apple Jelly says:

    Everyone know how Hare’s void could heal others right? Why couldn’t she
    heal Ayase’s legs? Shewould have been badass if Hare did.

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