25 thoughts on “Sleeper’s Wake Official Trailer #1 (2012) Thriller Movie HD

  1. GarredHATES says:

    My dick had fun at 0:18

  2. Gabriell Bishop says:

    curse you penis!

  3. sirchino5 says:

    So its a movie about a girl getting fucked by old men

  4. Tomothy says:


  5. dings215 says:

    probably the most concise and comprehensive review I’ve read.

  6. destine child says:

    Amazing.watch at iwantmovies.info

  7. Frank Wetmore II says:

    Anticipation = Moderate

  8. yasashikokoro12345 says:

    the hell did I just watch?

  9. Richard Gozinia says:

    I have just reached a level of confusion normally reserved for retarded

  10. Tash D says:

    Mrpacpunch- i thought i was the only one!!!

  11. Jessie G says:

    Cant they make one horror WITHOUT some naked scene?!

  12. DoitDoug says:

    Now that looks worth watching

  13. EdgyFuckwad says:

    This appears to me to be a movie about demons and their influence on the
    mind… it’s hard to not go insane when they possess you.

  14. MrSporkster says:

    Fookin’ prawns!

  15. megha malakar says:

    its tottaly boring, there is nothing except seduction

  16. x Amira says:


  17. John Connor says:

    Oh, you like what’s bad for you? How about drinking a rat poison?

  18. Joeri Van den Eynden says:

    Lol at 1:42 i was waiting for a lightning bolt to crash in the road and
    form that add you sometimes get before the movie starts

  19. Dylan Cantwell says:


  20. Michael D says:

    hey is there any fuk scene here? if not i wont watch this

  21. TheTallMan35 says:

    1:09 Damn! Nice curves!

  22. Percy Jackson says:

    I just watched 2 minutes of pure fucked updness

  23. KarlAndArma4ever says:

    So…what, some chick wants to have sex with everyone in town, including
    her own father? And has the nerve to act upset when one of her flings is
    seen watching TV with another chick? Looks pretty stupid to me, regardless.

  24. MyNormalVideos says:

    wow this looks boring

  25. kim sim says:

    It look boring

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