25 thoughts on “Love, Loss and Symbolic Death

  1. Joey Dong says:

    +TestTube , another interesting take on philosophy.

  2. Indy Hart says:

    Beautiful, descriptive verbal illustration of thought and emotion. Jason
    Silva has an amazing way with words.

  3. Jason Silva says:

    Love, Loss and Symbolic Death— have you ever felt this? 

  4. Tamar Andguladze says:

    Love, Loss and Symbolic Death— have you ever felt this? 

  5. Justine Alejandro says:

    I still ask myself that too. Where’d it go?..

  6. miko poo says:

    Humans donot love “unconditional” Relationships always come with
    Conditions. We are lying to ourselves. Love is dependant on “good behavior”
    Sometimes, we all act as if we love unconditionally, but there are
    always deal breakers.
    People talk about unconditional love to promote themselves, nobody in this
    world can give true “love” Sadly unconditional Love does not exist in
    our psyche. The closest thing to unconditional love would be that of a dog,
    a dog will stay by you no matter what. You can abuse it, hurt it, chop its
    leg off into a painful bloody mess , and it will still stay faithful to you
    no matter what.

  7. Joe Grubb says:

    I love how this isn’t a “let me tell you what you should do” kind of video.
    It just says, “this is the way it is.”

  8. Anthony Rodney Alvior says:

    This makes me cry… 

  9. facereplacer says:

    Very moving. Reminds me of the Arcade Fire song Afterlife. 

  10. YounG says:

    I like the way you see things Jason.

  11. Carmellito1 says:

    @Mike Finnegan:
    I totally agree with you! True love is unconditional. Love that depends on
    conditions is chauvinistic. True love doesn`t change, it transcends space,
    time and even life itself..

  12. valli anantha says:

    Juzz wonderful..gave me a hope :)

  13. laughinbudda01 says:

    good interpretation and reasoning. very interesting.

  14. eugene cabahug says:

    Whats the answer? 

  15. Joe MelodyVegan says:

    Love this! Anyone know the music used??

  16. Jon Muir Childs says:

    We have all felt the sting of a broken heart and love lost. 

  17. michael faith says:

    This is hard to watch…but powerful.
    via +Jason Silva

  18. noah washington says:

    Omg yes

    Love, Loss and Symbolic Death: http://youtu.be/vZeYCEBfWHM

  19. Quinton Okamura says:

    This is amazing….

  20. Lindsey S. says:

    This is such an addictive channel..

  21. mahesh kumar says:

    So deep with your messages in your videos just love 

  22. justmadeit2 says:

    This is the second one of your videos ive watched, and what you say is
    interesting but PLEASE PLEASE do them with either no music or with the
    music at a subtle and low level, it kinda ruins it for me, the last on was
    on mortality and the same there, music too loud, i couldnt concentrate
    , to me the music just takes over and is unnecessary at the volume its at

  23. Lolita says:

    Ugh.. this hit me right in the feels.. *sniffle*

  24. sharon j. says:

    U left me hanging man, I thought id get the answer :(

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