24 thoughts on “Louise Hay – Self love Part 2 – Body Healing – Guided Meditation Change your life

  1. Maryangel24 says:

    i just had a huge fight with my boyfriend, so i tried to find help on
    youtube. i listened to 3 minutes of that and i cried as much like i’ve
    never cried. but i assume it’s healthy to let it all out so we can be
    completely clensed. i want to love myself and be a better person and want
    people to stop putting rocks in my way so i can finally be happy. here, i
    am trying to work on myself. thanks for this video. i hope it will help me
    completely accept myself and become a better, more patient person.

  2. monty554 says:

    I’ve never cried so much during the child part.

  3. Ruth Vidal says:

    I have never heard anything that touched home 100% like this. I had to
    fight back the tears because I felt like she knew me and had also
    experienced all I have gone through. I am so touhed I had to share right
    away. what an awesome woman! The universe sent her to me. wow, healing
    on its way and it feels good already! 

  4. Khabibulloev Bobodzhon says:

    Love you all so much 

  5. Lilly Brenny says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:Louise Hay-Self love – Guided Meditation

  6. Nicky Nichols says:

    Love for ourself is the power that heals us. Body mind and spirit must be
    balanced. Be confident, and believe in yourself. And take it from there.
    Thank you Louise. Truly inspiring.
    To all Louise fans: I wish you the best in life! Take care of yourself❤️

  7. hirose yuka says:

    thank you very much listening this every night.

  8. Libbi See says:

    You have changed my life Louise Hay
    And Continue to change my life in amazing positive ways daily ! Thank you

  9. Somalicious says:

    Lovely. Thank you

  10. andrea jane says:

    can i do the meditation every afternoon instead of bed time

  11. erni temanggung says:

    Thank you louise hay for your video i need it this kind of thought.thanks a
    lot.love you all

  12. Elaine Leung says:

    I am glad I find this video and it really touch me. Same for me I had to
    fight back the tears. I feel so much better now. Thank you Louise.

  13. Maria Dougherty says:

    Thank-you for sharing your wisdom, love and healing grace.

  14. Isabel Chacon says:

    you’re a great gift to humanity

  15. Daryl Dauphin says:

    I love you all!
    Almost a month into this meditation exercise 

  16. Maria Isabel Gomez-Barrial says:

    thank you Ms Hay… truly believe courage is the major gift given to

  17. Brandon Da Silva says:

    *Are You Looking For Honest Answers?*
    *Google up:* *”The Truth Contest”*

  18. Marthann Howes says:

    I have read most of Louise Hay’s books since the early 1990s. Read her
    books, listen to her meditations DAILY. It makes sense. It will help you
    love yourself unconditionally. Her message is the reminder that WE each
    are in control of our own thoughts and feelings. Most of us did not get
    the amount of love we wanted or deserved because the grown ups around us
    were unaware of their own selves. Now it’s time to love ourselves like we
    have always wanted. At age 55, I finally love myself…but I still listen
    to her and re-read her books. The message is clear. It’s all about
    love….SELF love. I wish only the best to all of you here and on this
    planet. Namaste’, Marty

  19. Angelica Demonica says:

    Louise Hay – Self love Part 2 – Body Healing – Guided Meditation Change
    … : http://youtu.be/6dcaCc3bIA8

  20. Juliana Beasley says:

    Does anyone know the name of this CD so that I can buy the MP3. I will be
    traveling and might not have assess to YT. Thanks and blessings.

  21. bollineni lekha says:

    so impressive n cool.helps me a lot

  22. Aljoscha Laschgari says:

    Great! Thank you for sharing!

  23. Tina Mspeaks says:

    yikes, this talks in “if” and that is not in the NOW and your subconscious
    wont respond to that. unless you are looking to feel like you are lacking.
    this is is more like a speech not anything you should meditate to. ugh…

  24. Shannon Thompson says:

    This is literally the only thing that has helped me with my pain and
    anxiety.. I almost lost hope till I found this can’t believe my pain is
    gone from just listening this… So shocked! thank you!

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