15 thoughts on “Losing Someone To Suicide – With Judy Bailey

  1. bobbygeorgiela says:

    It’s almost been a week since my Dad took his life. I will miss him until
    the day I die. <3 If only he knew.

  2. MHF Suicide Prevention says:

    @bobbygeorgiela Stay strong Bobby. Please remeber our website spinz.org.nz
    has a lot of practical advice for those who have lost someone

  3. bobbygeorgiela says:

    @SuicidePreventionNZ Thank you very much. He used to work for the CAT team
    in Auckland for mental health. Then we moved to Australia and he helped
    initiate a crisis team here. He saved thousands of lives and took his own.
    It’s so ironic, especially because of his personal views to suicide. Thank
    you, Laura. 🙁

  4. benny10486 says:

    @bobbygeorgiela same here, my dad took his life a week and a half ago, will
    miss him always, hang in there

  5. Dreah Morelos says:

    I know you posted this a year ago and I hope things are getting better. I
    too lost my Dad to a suicide but it was 4 years ago now. I’m 15 now and
    I’ve matured a lot, even more than my peers because I had to, to deal with
    the pain of my loss. Stay strong and don’t let anything bring you down. His
    death was tragic but you are not alone and I aswell as many people I’m sure
    will be here for you. Also, keep in mind that not everyone will understand
    but it’s okay. xoxoxo -DreahDrew

  6. bobbygeorgiela says:

    Hey hey, thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Don’t forget to look
    after yourself as well. You seem to have a very good head on your
    shoulders. 🙂 lots of love!!

  7. redenajean says:

    My sister took her life on June 19th of this year. I do not know how to
    describe my feelings. I have no tears it is as thought it is not real!

  8. cathie b says:

    My brother just took his life on Weds Aug 28th 2013.. It is still so raw he
    was only 44 yrs old way to young to die.. Thank you for the video

  9. Ronda Clough says:

    My brother took his life on 08/06/13. He was 47. Sure wish I could give you
    a hug, This sucks, doesn’t it ? <3

  10. Ronda Clough says:

    worry that things will never be the same again. It hurts so bad

  11. Bridget Lynch says:

    Just lost my brother Morgan a couple months ago. So many questions about
    what happened.

  12. MHF Suicide Prevention says:

    We’re sorry to hear of your loss, Bridget.

  13. jared lolley says:

    I lost my best friend 7/30/13. I just lost one of my other friends 3 hours

  14. Suicide-Prevention Resource Channel says:

    +MHF Suicide Prevention 

  15. sportshistorybuff says:

    That is very harsh for you. Sixteen months later, have you found any
    perspective or partial closure? Do you understand why your sister took
    such a drastic step? Was she troubled, or did it happen out of the blue
    for no apparent reason?

    Stay strong. 

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