2 thoughts on “How To Overcome the Pain of Losing a Loved One

  1. cayman1999 says:

    THERE ARE NO ACCIDENTS: and this is truly God again guiding me in this
    Life here on earth. I am missing my sister whom now is happy and lifted
    from her heavy body…and im sure has been selected as an angel to help
    souls yet to find Jesus…and even though some think im crazy to not be
    bitter over her death of which husband now charged with 1st degree murder
    …all things i never thought my curcumstances ….and yet I am so very
    thankful for the blessings and amazing silver linings …that now reveal
    every day ….and i believe more than ever that I will and am going to do
    bigger than imagined acts of love that will affect maybe one or maybe
    millions of souls with hope and happiness and still cant believe i sit here
    talking about the good from such dark cloud. Thank you Joyce and Paster
    Charels for sharing and God bless your hearts for living to love. Jenny:)

  2. Angela Packington says:

    Fantastic helped me so much x

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