25 thoughts on “Guilt Machine – Perfection?

  1. bundybear036 says:


  2. maulowner9 says:

    @ZedHead101 You’re an idiot.

  3. ZedHead101 says:

    @maulowner9 ”What I really love is my music, Im into
    AC/DC,Metallica,Linkin Park,Cascada and all other sorts.” says it all

  4. ZedHead101 says:

    @maulowner9 >your argument null and void. >stalking if you mean clicking
    your username to make a case in point, then sure, i’m ”stalking” you.
    metal is for children.

  5. Free Lipe says:

    “Nada é mais triste do que a morte da ilusão”? 😮

  6. metabog says:

    > listens to linkin park, > says other people listen to kids’ music.
    Moderately successful troll.

  7. Aaron Mark says:


  8. Holdsworthands says:

    best album cover and logo 100% perfect design!!!

  9. Ahmed Hernandez Zahuna says:

    amazing music! the last part is very very great

  10. mrghostnzl says:

    4.22 riff is GODLY

  11. Kunst Werker says:

    because most fans of Arjen buy “his” albums even before they listen to
    them, because they know it’ll be great! So … no need for YouTube, I
    listen to this all day long on my stereo … Such a great musician that guy!

  12. Svantebolos says:

    couldn’t have said it any better

  13. mightyRanadin says:

    O álbum tá recheado de frases aleatórias condizentes com a temática do
    álbum em várias línguas diferentes.

  14. lesclaypool0727 says:

    “Ha a barátomhoz megyek , haza megyek” Hungarian voice !

  15. InfinityDz says:

    I was lost in the perfect world they promised me…

  16. lesclaypool0727 says:

    Így van! 🙂

  17. Sabbathstone says:

    Metal? For Children? Hell yeah it is. More children need to grow up with
    Metal so they can appreciate proper music. They’ll still appreciate it as
    adults too.

  18. Massimo B says:

    Lucassen is a fuking genious.

  19. Grazziano lima says:

    “Nada é mais triste do que a morte da ilusão”

  20. Monica Carriero says:

    @ Alexander Savov

    “Slashed inside and intact outside.
    A scream without echo, because it’s everlasting.
    And then silence”

    Is italian :P

  21. Juho Vepsäläinen says:

    Guilt Machine – Perfection?

    If you like Ayreon, you are bound to like this.

  22. Leonid Isachenko says:

    This song’s name is speaks for itself – but without a single question

  23. Shahor I says:

    This is majestic. In every sense.

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