9 thoughts on “Guilt is memory — not NOW!

  1. Enrique6299 says:

    Burt: Doesn’t energy come from Awareness,Nothingness or Emptiness? or
    both,energy and awareness just concepts?

  2. wandavalentine says:

    Burt you explain everthing so clear. Thank you.

  3. murthax says:

    So clear! *cough*

  4. Cathy Ginter says:

    Essentially, Burt is reminding us to be fully aware without taking anything

  5. Burt Harding says:

    Dear Enrique6299, Awareness is all there is and it has been named Source,
    God, Allness, timneless essence and so on. Awareness is your true natural
    state. Everything we experience in consciousness is relative to awareness.
    ‘Your’ awareness is not yours but Oneness experiencing through you. Knowing
    this is awakening. Burt

  6. dolph581 says:

    Blessed Be God.

  7. fsmdidit says:

    It’s the inurgee, I need me some of that!

  8. doctacriminal says:

    some criminal masterminds just love what they do. and dnt feel guilty.
    sometimes they just love what they do or what there are about to do… but
    idk maybe only successful ones.., AWARNESS. THANKS BURT FOR TEACHiNG ME A
    LiL MOR ABOUT AWARENESS_ im aware i need to b a litlle more aware.

  9. ParanoidAndroidist says:

    What about the concept of eating healthy? There is so much guilt there,
    about messing up, and then just not feeling like we need to care, then
    caring… A constant cycle like everything else. But do you have any advice
    about diet?

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