25 thoughts on “Grief, grieving & dealing with the loss of someone you love – Mental Health Videos with Kati Morton

  1. Laura Thurlow says:

    ooo I like your top. pretty. (sorry, totally of subject..) I don’t seem to
    process death very well, I was about 7 or 8 my Great Grandma died.. I
    remember it really clearly that my mum told me and it’s weird how clearly I
    remember how I felt, I remember denying it for ages, and praying that she’d
    come back.. then one day at school someone took all my friends from me and
    it triggered me off crying and finally being upset about losing my great
    grandma. 🙂

  2. kazooga1234 says:

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  3. FelicityA30 says:

    OMG Kati we just talked about grieving in class to night i log into youtube
    and this video is here! thanks so much!

  4. Kati Morton says:

    You are welcome. 🙂

  5. spydalover says:

    This made me cry. My Pop died almost 4 years ago. For the first few months
    I was the kid who made sure everyone else was ok while I pretended to
    be.Then at school stupid things started to annoy me and I started lashing
    out. People called me a psychopath even though they knew about my pop. It
    was a year before I cried over the fact that he died, we were pretty close.
    He missed both my 16th &18th birthdays. I bargained to get him back I
    wanted to trade my life for his I feel like a yoyo even now

  6. Kati Morton says:

    Very true!!! haha!

  7. Kati Morton says:

    Im sorry Mags 🙁 xoxox

  8. Kati Morton says:

    How ironic!!! haha!! I am so glad that you liked it and that the timing was
    right on!! lol! xoxo

  9. Kati Morton says:

    Awe I am so glad that you liked it honey 🙂 Keep me posted about your
    graduation date etc.. and I can give you the name of the hospice and you
    can look into their next grief counseling certifications 🙂 xoxo It takes
    about 6-8 weeks and you go once a week for 3 hours.. it’s great!

  10. mapy1979 . says:

    Loosing baby and micarriages please


    @katimorton how can I (we) help a friend who lost a family member or loved


    @katimorton thank you I just lost a family friend and wanted to know how to
    help his family


    @katimorton is it normal for someone who wasn’t that close to the person
    who passed to feel the same way as the family members and others who were
    closer to the person who passed and go through the griveing process the
    same way

  14. Georgia L says:

    Hi Kati, I just lost my boyfriend 4 days ago and I’m struggling so
    much..just wanted to let you know that after searching your videos I found
    this and it has helped me quite a lot, so thank you! xx

  15. GeGeKNYcole RANDELL says:

    I dealing lose of my auntie died over one year ago it skill hard me I cant
    sleep alway take pill or listen music go sleep it from see my auntie like
    that how get over see her like ?????? 

  16. Metall venger says:

    2 days ago my dog died, i picked her up from the street about 3 years ago,
    she was like 2-3 months old. The worst part for me was that I could never
    really say goodbye and I’ve been torn up since. I loved that dog.

  17. Matt Spencer says:

    meine oma (grandma) died in 2007 and I was devastated and still am. My mom
    passed in 2011 but she was cruel and abusive and had borderline PD and a
    few days before she died she said she hated us both and we were ungrateful
    and she should have aborted us. I never listened to her or cared about it
    though… I tried therapy because I felt bad for being relieved to escape
    the drama and hate and abuse.

  18. Kim Kitts says:

    I lost my grandad 12 years ago and my cousin 7, I miss them every single
    day and tbh It hits me out of the blue sometimes. It hurts when it does hit
    me. Especially my cousin, I saw her the day before she died, it was
    unexpected and sudden. I miss her alot and I don’t know I just wish I had
    one more chance to say goodbye,

  19. DawnMarie1123 says:

    My Dad passed away on Monday. I found comfort in your video. Thank you.

  20. Laura E says:

    My Great Aunt passed away last week I found out today , this made me feel
    less alone . But now my grandma is dieing too, But it is part of life and I
    can get through this I know it wont be easy but its a process.

  21. Sozile says:

    I’ve never lost someone in my life and I hate it, I fear what I will go
    through when it does eventually happen :(

  22. LsRm Life says:

    My beautiful dog Roxy passed away recently. She was like my baby. Something
    that I found helped was creating a photo montage with my partner and
    writing memories around the photo’s. Thank you for the video, I found it
    really helpful. 

  23. Nikki Noel says:

    My grandmother passed away Tuesday 25th March. I dont’t know how to deal
    with it. I’m so angry I really hope your video can help me. My grandmother
    and I were very closed. She was a mother to me. If you have an email please
    let me know so I can get some advice in how to deal with my grandmothers
    death. I’m so scared to go the funeral which is next week Monday

  24. Kara Stenberg says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience, Kati. My mom passed away last month
    (she was only 59) and it was good to hear that I’m doing the right thing
    (talking about it in therapy, not pushing myself to rush through grieving)
    and also reassuring to know that the healing takes time for everyone and
    that the grieving process skips around.

  25. devilshomie says:

    I just lost my father a week ago due to an aneurysm. I’m only twenty and he
    basically raised me from birth. I feel like I have this empty hole inside
    of me. 

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