2 thoughts on “Finding Grief Relief and Happiness After A Loss/ Death with Psychic Medium Matt Fraser

  1. Matt Fraser says:

    The seven stages of grief after the death of a loved one are: Denial,
    Anger, Bargaining, Guilt, Depression, Acceptance and Hope.
    While many psychics can appear brooding and mysterious, Matt Fraser often
    surprises audiences with his energetic exuberance.
    That’s because Matt is seeing life from the perspective of those who have
    left it and wish to relieve the stress and sadness their loved ones are
    feeling via Matt’s phenomenal communications gift.
    Of all these stages, Matt has learned that the final step is often the most
    difficult to take. That’s why he is so happy about the fact he can share
    messages that are very specific from loved ones who have passed of hope,
    forgiveness, closure and comments on the present to grieving relatives.

    “It is important to know that grief relief is not about forgetting about
    the person that has passed, but rather knowing that they will forever live
    in your heart,” says Matt Fraser. “Be encouraged by their passing and
    legacy to live an inspired, spiritual and happy life like they did when
    they were here and live each day with encouragement knowing that they are
    proud and smiling down on your from Heaven.”
    During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, those who
    have suffered loss learn to accept and deal with the reality of their
    situation. However, acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness.
    But it is always a relief and comfort to remember and know that the ties of
    love are unending.

    As we see in this story from his recent work in Connecticut Matt is helping
    people find their way forward. Read more online at

    “I hope that this segment helps to inspire and remind you that there is
    more to life than the physical world,” said Matt of the video of his
    appearance. “Know that your loved ones who are in Heaven are truly safe and
    at peace and have a message for you! They are encouraging you to hold close
    the positive memories that you shared with them and to start creating new
    ones on your own.”

    Matt helps people understand that they must set clear new goals for the
    future. “By setting goals you start to pull away from the overwhelming
    situation at hand in the past and you start to bring yourself forward into
    the future by creating positive experiences for you to set forth and
    enjoy,” he says.

    Matt wants people to know that while a loved one may have “left” this life,
    those left behind have not been left alone. There is a way to bring back
    the memories, love and hope once shared with someone who has moved beyond
    this physical plain. The bridge exists and Matt Frasier is there to raise
    the barrier between us and those we have lost.

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