25 thoughts on “Extreme Weight Loss – “David” (Season 4 / Episode 6)

  1. KravaLLT says:

    “Punishing myself by eating McNuggets with souce” Yeah poor baby… pussy

  2. Ay Zi says:

    i feel like this kind of things only happen in america….

  3. Backtoschoolchick says:

    Im crying 

  4. masic78 says:

    Amazing episode! 

  5. Erki says:

    did the brother shot his other brother? wtf

  6. Kyland719 -Minecraft and More says:

    Wow he lost 201 pounds, so that roughly about .55 pounds a day

  7. Denver William says:

    He’s pretty cute. I love guys with a lisp!!!

  8. Pizzaman15611 says:

    lol watch 8:24 at x2 speed

  9. taylor ellis says:

    He’s a good looking guy

  10. Jose Gabriel says:

    Kid picked up who’s gun? Of course it was not Davis’s fault. It was the
    parents fault!! That does not happen here in Germany because nobody has a
    gone here, and specially in the house. Nobody!!!

  11. Supersize vs Superskinny says:

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 1 http://bit.ly/1tL4tY8

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 2 http://bit.ly/1wfVZJu

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 3 http://bit.ly/1vKamEr

  12. Jaya Jokerz says:

    David beckham looking doctor

  13. Ameer ali says:

    michael bisping was going easy on him

  14. Nemato says:

    that was amazing!!! dayum

  15. Kangi Navu says:

    Please don’t waste your time andmoney and effort on fat losspills or
    lotions as their outcomes if any are temporary.

  16. Puggle Puffian says:

    The guy at 1:14:42

  17. Coco Mel says:

    ooooh nice ,mama is going to work out awuhh!!:D 

  18. Cynthia W. Abraham says:

    Better not throw away your time anddollars and effort on fat losstablets or
    ointments since their results if any are simply just non permanent.

  19. kassimdx1 says:

    35:34 -35:37 loool that guy got blanked 

  20. Carlos Santana says:

    I admire this guy so much. My favorite in this season one of his reason to
    train is was for gf Kayla what coincidence I am also training to lose 80
    pounds lost 30 in the first 3 months i m also train for a girl name Kayla

  21. meerokay says:

    you are awasome

  22. xtnabcn says:

    I can’t believe the father accused the son who shot the other son, instead
    of blaming himself for having guns in the house. He’s the one who should be
    held responsible for negligence and get punished for it.

  23. csmain says:

    how did the fuck did this fat ass get get an 8/10 girl

    i hate my life.

  24. pølsen bodil says:

    damn papi he got hot

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