19 thoughts on “Extreme Weight Loss – “Brandi” (Season 4 / Episode 7)

  1. Supersize vs Superskinny says:

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 1 http://bit.ly/1tL4tY8

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 2 http://bit.ly/1wfVZJu

    Extreme Weight Loss – Season 3 http://bit.ly/1vKamEr

  2. solomon cliett says:

    I’m the 3rd commenter hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  3. Tema Messi says:

    Hey guys i was on this shoe i qas fatter then a hippo in a hippo plz like
    my videos it show me wieght loss in one day

  4. foxkidpr says:

    So i guess Walmart is not watching closely anymore.

  5. Julia Fish says:

    i hope that i can make it too,for myself also my family,i have been for a
    long time,been losing all motivation.everybody tells me that i should have
    started,but i just dont know where to start,

  6. ibrahim ahmed says:

    Greetings from Egypt 

  7. Lea Schmidt says:

    She’s so pretty!

  8. bently629 says:

    Shes the closest Ive ever seen to Beyonce. Beautiful girl even when she was
    over weight 

  9. seygra20 . says:

    Great episode!

  10. vagouna says:

    She is SO beautiful!!!

  11. Valery Gutierrez says:

    Omg she’s BEUTifUL!!!!! 

  12. Hailee Wilkinson says:

    She is stunning

  13. candi renee says:

    most amazing transformation yet. She’s absolutely stunning

  14. Nurul Aniza Zainudin says:

    Oh… she is so beautiful. Big or small but she is beautiful. 

  15. Coco Mel says:

    WAAAAWW..she is actually one HOT chick

  16. Omrana Mahmood says:

    I love this show! :)

  17. XHeyItzLucie X says:

    julia fisch i cen help u

  18. TheSwedishMrBlue says:

    Amazing, she turned out beautiful. Hopefully she won’t get too skinny, real
    men want some of dat booty.

  19. sascha simply says:

    her fighterfight workout made me cry

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