25 thoughts on “Euterpe – Egoist ( Guilty Crown ) Guitar Cover

  1. raptorperegrine says:

    Old KOL intro at the beggining

  2. Dominic Oliver says:

    Yo if you could mail me tabs plz my email is dom21197@Gmail.com

  3. Donovan Kong says:

    Check out my 2 new covers ! 

  4. Joseph Jang says:

    Amazinggg~ So inspired xD. Able to send the pdf to josephjjh@gmail.com
    Thank you :)

  5. Asril Marpaung says:

    Could you send me the pdf tab too, please? Love this. I really love this. I
    will be so glad if i can play it too.

  6. レリョ says:

    can you email me the PDF to lyolion123@gmail.com

  7. Jiin Park says:

    Could you send me a pdf as well? Sorry for troubling you but this is a
    really awesome arrangement! pandra02ji@gmail.com

  8. Benjamin Hansen says:

    Super awesome cover!! plz send me tab : Benjamoni100@gmail.com

  9. Yuet San says:

    hi I’ve tried to download it for a several times but it can’t work…
    Can you please send it to my email?
    Thank you and by the way, u’re awesome! :)

  10. Crystela Seven says:

    Hello! I would also like the PDF file for this! Please email me at
    Thank you so much!

  11. NeoEnergyPlus says:

    you’re file got error can you help me ? :/ thx


  12. GtarCrazz says:

    Wow.. its amazing XD
    May i have the PDF file for this?
    Can email me at linqijian@gmail.com?
    Thank you very much ^.^

  13. Gary Lin says:

    May I also get the PDF Thanks

  14. Donovan Kong says:

    For those who wants the tabs, the link is in the info section :)

  15. Jay Chung says:

    Hey can you also send me the PDF file? Please email me at

  16. Lee Tae says:

    i download the pdf file but its not clear can you send me orignial file pdf
    to my mail. also im guessing its not same as you playing if you have other
    pdf file can you send me plz (ramwla@yahoo.com)

  17. ENJERUNIEH says:

    please can you help me with the tabs because I can not read partitures,I’m
    so sorry, I greatly appreciate it

  18. 2828terey says:

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to play this!!!! That would be
    extremely aweseome I cant find anyone that does this song this smoothly.

  19. Donovan Kong says:

    Hey ya’ll, will be posting a tutorial very soon ! Keep an eye for it !

    Don :)

  20. regie samuel says:

    Hi donovan ….could you send me the tab please ? the tab at desciption
    look like not similar as your video on youtube … its nice if you email me
    for the tab ^^ regie.samuel@yahoo.com….. Arigatto LOL 

  21. Sirapob Lurojruang says:

    Hey your cover is truly amazing!! could you please send me a tap
    sirapobben@hotmail.com Thanks!!

  22. ZESUPERLOL says:

    you need more subscribers, this was beautiful

  23. K. Hv. says:


  24. Alexis Wu says:

    please send me the tabs, here is my gmail:


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