25 thoughts on “Eminem – Guts Over Fear (Audio) ft. Sia

  1. PostiveBalances says:

    eminem just raps about himself these days, he is a self centred faggot now
    his raps are boring

  2. Rising Immortals says:

    THERE IS NO NEW ALBUM this song is just for his record label anniversary.
    This song is too horrible to be on his album. MMLP2 was horrible honestly
    if his next one is horrible AGAIN then I won’t listen to eminem again I
    can’t deal with this disappointment coming from a fan since SSLP 

  3. Jesus Christ says:

    People say they’re a true fan of Eminem but then they complain about his
    new music and say it’s shitty ._. I like all his music at the end of the
    day it’s still Eminem 

  4. Doré Vídeos ® says:


  5. WWENewsTV says:

    not feeling this or mmlp2. Horrible production. Lyrics are not bad thats
    it. HIs robot/ choppy ass flow and more pop features. He needs to go back
    on the dre production and his raw ass flow he had on mmlp, eminem show, and

  6. OrangeOceanOctopus says:

    Eminem please stop making music.

  7. BlackIncDuck Dice says:

    Em still looks lik he is 25 years… he never gets old! As same as he’s

  8. Magdaléna Belz says:

    Superbe cette chanson!! :-)

  9. KRNG DeValth says:

    How can Eminem have 1 Million views on this video when there are only
    500,000 people on Earth? Fake accounts??

  10. Eminem says:

    This is the new me, I have nothing left to prove, I’m just experimenting
    with songs, I’ve lost the anger that fueled me to create music that was
    once attention grabbing. Age changes you, nothing remains the same. If you
    don’t like my new music then get fucked. Peace yo

  11. VentMagic102 says:

    H0W C4N TH15 50NG H4V3 2,787,078 V13WS W3N TH3R3 R 0NLY 700,000 P30PL3 1N
    TH3 W0RLD

  12. Carla Navarro says:

    top 5 rappers:
    1. Eminem
    2. Slim shady
    3. Marshall Mathers
    4. B Rabbit
    5. White Guy From D12

  13. r4gu1 says:

    I’m bored of these sad songs from Eminem. Slim Shady needs to make a

  14. Joey Giguere says:

    Top 5 Rappers.

    1. Justin Beiber
    2. 2 Chainz
    3. Riff Raff
    4. Cheif Keef
    5. Lil Wayne

  15. Bardock Simmer says:

    1. Iggy Azalea (fuck you haters)
    2. Eminem
    3. Lil wayne
    4. Wiz Khalifa
    5. B.o.B.

    Best Female Singers
    1. Sia
    2. Rihanna
    3. Rita Ora
    4. Katy Perry
    5. Ellie Goudling

  16. Anthony Konstantinou says:

    Fuck you all ! Who?

    1.The ones making lists of their favorite rappers , and adding Fake , lil
    gayne , stingy iazella(whatever it is spelled like) and on top of all that
    throwing a JOHN CENA UP THERE !!! U SERIOUS????

    2. The ones making this song lookin’ like shit!How can you not admire his
    writing ability??? I could never wright such good rhymes and make two
    unconnected words rhyme perfectly !!! If you can upload a video so that we
    can all se you! Ya I don’t think you’ll do….You need to realise that he
    has to change his flow to make it sound original and his beats are most of
    the time not produced by him!

    Now to all you haters … I’m just stating my opinion! This song inspired
    me to start writing and have more self confidence!!I wrote all of this coz
    I’m sick n tired of people hating on the song I got inspired from. I’m not
    a new songs fan I only like his old ones (1999-2002) but I’m makin’ an
    exception on this one ! Smh you’re acting like fans … I don’t think you’d
    diss a friend of yours for solving his family problems and managing his
    anger! Now please don’t even bother on hating on me coz I don’t want 300
    notifications a day by 2 year olds BB PEACE OFF

    And all the bitches be like………….

  17. Omgitsdaabest T says:

    Is he will retire?? 

  18. SONIC STREET says:

    I don’t give a Shit Marshall has always been the best for me he will never
    be forgotten Marshall Bruce Mathers ||| Thank you for 10+ years

    #ThankYouMarshall #ThankYouEminem #ThankYouSlimShady

    Tweet It and please give me credit

    And I know he’s not retiring yet

  19. Sean Szymborski says:

    @EminemVEVO tch your no rap god and if you really think so post a response
    to my interactive rap battle or pussy out.

  20. andy holtby says:

    Sounds like something from recovery so definitely not buying the new album
    and I already have a greatest hits album in curtain call and you haven’t
    had any hits since then so why but the same album again I’m pretty all the
    fanboys and fangirls will because they are all stupid 

  21. RezAIIDay says:

    Eminem is an influential, he inspires me. Im growing each day as an artist
    and my song ‘CRAZY’ is blowing up. If you could spare 2min? to check it and
    my other music it would mean the world 🙂 thank you for your time

  22. LawigiGame says:

    Listen in 2015 ?

  23. ChipperHD says:

    MY: top 5 rappers
    1: 2Pac
    2:50 Cent (G-Unit)
    3: Eminem
    5: Big L

    I know there are many other legends of rap such as Biggie, Rakim DMX etc.
    but to be honest, if you are a true rap fan, the likes of Lil Wayne and
    Iggy Azalea shouldn’t really appear on the list, my opinion, feel free to
    hate, but I’m sure many people will agree with me 

  24. Joshi Walshy says:

    Top 5 Rappers:

    -Nicki Minaj
    -Kanye West
    -Iggy Azelea

  25. Ntinabieber Bieber says:


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