23 thoughts on “Derek & Stiles | The only thing stronger than your guilt is your love for this one boy

  1. C. Fincher says:

    Ughh! Angst! Hate the angst. Love the Sterek though! Good vid. :)

  2. legendlover91 says:

    Wow…I did not expect that openning. But also wow beacause your universe
    fusions are the best.

  3. moonlightmina13 says:

    Holy heck that was phenomenal. I don’t watch tvd nor the originals but this
    is amazing. 

  4. Soaps R Love says:

    Very interesting concept <33 And the vid was amazing, I loved it & how you
    combined the shows! :)

  5. Gaby Barrow says:


  6. freshwoman2009 says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! love it soooo much!!! MORE!

  7. MysticFallsCreations says:

    wow that looks so real….. * o * AMAZING VIDEO! I love it<3

  8. melCSIfan says:

    So damn awesome! Love it

  9. 0o0Vanilla0o0 says:

    Who wouldn’t want to watch a show with all these guys? Team
    Salvatore+Stilinski= Best thing ever. Oh and the intro was perfect OMG XD

  10. Sasu123456789x1 says:

    I love these crossovers 

  11. Antonio Joseph says:

    that was absolutely amazing…I freakin loved it

  12. trudy101 says:

    Oh, shit! Oh, holy shit! This is awesome!

  13. MegaFashionista18 says:

    I LOVE THIS <33333333



  14. nzb81793 says:

    Holy cow my 2 favorite shows together as one that is awesome. I would so
    freaking see it. 

  15. TheDesiDidi says:

    that was really good. Loved it

  16. Jessii Brown says:

    If someone could make a fanfiction on this.. that would be the best thing
    in the world.

  17. Katrina Barnard says:

    The noise I just made was not human. This was amazing.

  18. kakashi01fan says:

    you make the absolute most gorgeous and dramatic videos. i love everything
    you make!! keep it up please!!!

  19. Jenna Goodwin says:

    This is like a movie trailor

  20. Cassie Mitchell says:

    Wow. This was…epic. I wish this was a story on Fanfiction, I would soooo
    read it!!!!

  21. Jacq Vick says:

    Near the end, when Stiles is saying, “Please find him. Find Derek,” or
    something along those lines, am I the only one who heard, “Find my Derek?”

  22. S Jacobs says:

    Epic, this is one of my favorite Derek & Stiles video ever. Love it :)

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