25 thoughts on “Denver Official Guilty Dog Video www.facebook.com/guiltydog

  1. Jenuine C says:

    This is an older vid but it always makes me laugh. Denver is hilarious. I
    love dogs!

    #funnyvideo #funnyanimals 

  2. Foxy says:

    wow….The box don’t put an animal in a cage like that for just eating
    kitty cat treats.Just go out an buy another pack an put them where the dog
    can’t get to it,At least they didn’t get wasted.

  3. Camp Cookstown says:

    Such an adorable #DogVideo ! This guilty #Labrador can’t help smiling! 

  4. Tomasz Kasprowicz says:

    What is that song?

  5. Spectastic says:

    is that dog trying to smile at the human?

  6. Charlette Jackson says:

    Did you do this? :)

  7. Cooper Hair says:

    Damn it Connor 

  8. JForDream says:

    Three and a half years since this has been posted and I’m still watching

  9. yam malik says:

    i feel so bad for the dog
    you can see how much he is scared of his owner ! the way he looks at him
    and walks away.
    calm ur shit down man this isnt cute anymore i feel so bad for the dog

  10. skiout WL says:

    Never knew dogs could cry…

  11. LETMEINGUYS says:

    You should have been put in the kennel for getting on to him. He’s a dog.
    They do things like that he’s not a kid Not a human I wished people would
    stop treating their animals like humans in the sense that they need to be
    punished for not acting like humans we adopt them because they get away
    with things kids and adults can’t get away with and make us jealous. Spoil
    them it’s your fault you left the cat treats in reach Hello!!!! He’s a dog 

  12. Roxanne Santori says:

    Oh man I can not write enough about the truth of all of this. I bought my
    son 2 toys today, and one of my dogs ate most of it (in about a minute mind
    you) and I looked at my golden and was like “did you do this? was this you?
    how could you?” And he gave me the BIGGEST guilty look (like Denver) and
    kept licking his lips and Golden Smiling at me! I asked my son “Why aren’t
    you more mad that he ate your toy”? And his reply was “He responded like
    Denver the guilty dog and it is too funny to be mad”!

  13. Ash Vin says:

    Why he’s showing his teeth? To fight back?

  14. Mike Hawk says:

    So mean to the dog. He doesn’t have a pretty bandanna or set as your
    profile picture. ;_;

    and you bullied him into being sad

    RIP Denver

  15. Lorenzo Malaguti says:

    this dog is scared and is telling you that you are crossing the border of
    his calm. It feels locked up in a corner and he is showing you its teeth to
    explain that is going to attack to defend himself. he licks his nose to try
    to calm down. when he leaves his tail is low in the middle of the legs as a
    sign of fear and discomfort! if it were a dog more aggressive you probably
    would have explained it with a pinch. and he also did the right thing. in
    that moment he is not a happy dog. 

  16. A. Mark says:

    Omg I want a dog so bad but I have strong phobia of them, even hearing
    their barks on a youtube video make my heart race :(

  17. Alex Boynes says:

    Its a conspiracy. It was the Cat!

  18. Avish Shandar says:

    5,188 people got into the kitty cat treats.

  19. Taylor Post says:

    Can’t even scroll thru the comments because of all the dumbasses crying

  20. Curly Crafter says:

    You can tell that denvers just about to bite

  21. Jeanie Willard says:

    I feel so sorry for Denver and poor ols maize too. I wish people would stop
    shaming animals!

  22. Victor F says:

    0:39 I’m can’t stop laughing 

  23. Micky Burns says:

    Sounds like Woody Harrelson talking.

  24. Madison Lenart says:


  25. RossBoss says:

    dog looks like the old man from pawn stars

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