24 thoughts on “Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman

  1. Janey Jones says:

    The idea of using half naked women in videos is overused. This video shows
    too much ‘oh you have to be skinny and pretty to get men’. Ugh. I hate my

  2. MatTZI014 says:

    John Newman looks like a little boy attempting to dress and act like a man.
    It’s just not working for him. He looks like a prepubescent faggot.

  3. Teschie says:

    How is there 25 Million views when there is only 7 Thousand people in this

  4. HumansAreDumb says:

    Such an amazing song… plus lyrics…! c:
    What’s with all the women recently…? :c
    I feel like being one of the only guys who refuses watching… -^^-

  5. eyitayo obikoya says:

    disgusting video….i had a feeling it would be disgusting. Dislike for the

  6. Mathew Hanley says:


    I absolutely love this video! The cinematography, the art direction and use
    of lighting is fantastic! I love how cut scenes are used too as the music
    picks up pace. Wow what a fantastic music video, it’s visually brilliant! 

  7. Marcello Bardini says:

    *Calvin Harris* feat. *John Newman* – #Blame
    From the new album #Motion
    (C) 2014 Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

    *Share if you like*

  8. Vonnie Baby says:

    Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman: http://youtu.be/6ACl8s_tBzE

  9. Ronald B. says:

    Is it just me or has every single music video half naked girls in it…
    Just a observation

  10. bold jon says:

    i love this song ^_^

  11. KeerG Georg says:


  12. Dee H says:

    Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman #johnnewman #calvinharris 

  13. Alvar Lake says:

    *If Just one person reads this,it would be a miracle for me*
    *I’m 20 years old I’m just trying to enter in the music industry.I don’t do
    *I write my own songs They’ve earned me 11000 subs*
    *Maybe I’m just a dreamer, but I’m not the only one Please,just give me 1
    chance to prove myself to you*
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  14. Olivia Weyman says:

    Also put some clothes on those girls they are ugly anyway and half naked
    sexy girls is minuplative to girls that have aceny

  15. Elaine Fontes says:

    A mais nova…
    Como disse antes adorooo.

  16. Alberto Valencia Peralta says:

    Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman: http://youtu.be/6ACl8s_tBzE

  17. Marcelo Sherman says:

    Good morning! Calvin Harris – Blame ft. John Newman:

  18. Aurore de Gabory says:

    Il n’y a vraiment pas a dire, cette chanson est vraiment trop trop bien! JE
    L’ADORE! :D

  19. Matt Miller says:

    #CalvinHarris ” Blame ” ….

  20. Kênnêth Mü says:

    Buena Musica para los oídos ✨
    – Esto es Progressive House

  21. drumbleww says:

    song naem ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  22. Elys Alissa Lola Leon Troy says:

    per una felice serata , delle belle canzoni…per voi!!!!

  23. Artémis XCX says:

    j’adore cette chanson elle irait trop dans gossip girl

  24. Lista 40 Principales says:

    Blame Number 1 in Spain! :D

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