25 thoughts on “272 Loss of a Pet & How to deal with the Grief

  1. sk8rleet says:

    lol the dinky little gay dogs in the background.0:43

  2. tierrabear10 says:

    Excellent!!!! Great, great advice. I miss my Tierra immensely but I
    remember her with joy and love and laughter. I remember how beautiful she
    was, the times she made me laugh, and all the good times we had. She can
    still bring a smile to my face and I KNOW that I will see her again some
    day. I also thank her for being with me for 14 years. She will always be in
    my heart.

  3. patrick james says:

    My 16 year old cat died today. One of the worst experiences of my life.
    Thanks for the video.

  4. Ryancraft1 says:

    my cat died and it was my pride and joy really depressing but this video
    helped me get through the rough time. thank you healingmagic

  5. Inez N says:

    wow that was amazing advice, it helped me so much, thank you

  6. Jets4Hire says:

    what hurts me is the fact that never playing or seeing my cats again cause
    my mom had them adopted out cause she thought that i was not taking care of
    them and not cleaning up after them when they`re sick she thought that
    people would not like our house because of the smell that was coming from
    HER BATHROOM! but she said it was the cats.

  7. Gmoviesmoothie says:

    We had 2 siamese girls from the same litter when I was 3. I am 19 and seven
    hours ago (vet in family=done at home) one had to be put down and I can’t
    face she’s gone. I just want Lily back. We have many animals, the grief
    could overwhelm me, how will I cope when my dear Cassy goes?! :””'( it’s
    the little things you miss instantly- their little annoying meow, and now
    I’m gonna say we have 2 cats…not 3. Worse thing is that Cassy, as an
    animal, isn’t aware so she’s gonna be calling for her :'(

  8. THITE23 says:

    My beloved dog Gadjet suffered from a coyote attack a few months ago and it
    is very hard for me to cope with his death. I have grown up with him since
    I was 3. He was like the brother I never had. He saved me from a lot of
    shit and we had some amazing memories. R.i.p buddy I love you!!!

  9. Rebecca Von Rise says:


  10. Dr House says:

    Amazing video, I recently lost my dog and it was so painful and still is,
    and your video is helping me through it. Keep it up

  11. Ray Matton says:

    Hi Robert I watched your video over and over after loosing my sweet cat
    squeaky of 16 years due to kidney failure. I tried hanging onto him as he
    grew worse but I was doing for me not him , so I released his pain and had
    him put to sleep after discussing it with our local vet. I have made peace
    with his death and thou I miss him I honor his life by recalling all the
    joy he brought. I recently adopted a new 6 week old kitten and what a
    little firecracker , so full of life he helps heal my pain.

  12. Becky White says:

    I never thought I’d be on You Tube seeking help on grief for the loss of a
    pet. 5 days ago we said goodbye to our beloved whippet, he was only 9 and
    until 6 months ago he had been fit and well, after lots of tests he was dx
    with a degenerative condition. I am completely and utterly grief stricken.
    I also had to say goodbye to two of my cats this yr due to age related
    probs. I am a vet nurse I support people in times of grief a lot but I
    can’t help myself. Thankyou for this vid I think it’ll help

  13. Adam Swindell says:

    I’ll do another post announcing the death of my pet. But, right now as I’m
    typing this, my donkey, “Jackie”, is dying. I’m 15, and she’s 40. I’ve
    known her since the day I’ve worn diapers. She is my little baby girl, and
    I know if it breaths, it won’t last forever. So I thought I would take the
    liberty of finding a way to deal with my grief. This was a big help. Thank

  14. Adam Swindell says:

    Well, she’s gone. Jackie died this morning. She was wanting to go. So, I
    did her a favor and let her go.

  15. rob good says:

    I lost my ferret to cancer last Thursday. Her name was Rat Rat. I had her
    since 2007. I had the back door open one day and she walked right into my
    life. and I had her ever since She was very smart and very playful, I fell
    in love with her right away. I recently noticed she wasnt eating much, so I
    took her to the vet and they noticed a tumor under her belly. Three weeks
    later she died and now i have a broken heart. I still grieve over her. but
    now i know she’s in a better place. Thanks so much

  16. Ondesdevie says:

    Thank you this is precious.

  17. daro2096 says:

    I disagree. As one who just lost their dog yesterday you can’t help but
    grieve for it. Death is part of this life but death isn’t natural. Death is
    an enemy. Dead is dead. My pet hasn’t moved on, she is dead. Maybes God
    will resurrect her in the next world.

  18. Susanne Bass says:

    Thank you. I lost my dog today after 13 plus years of love and happiness.
    He definitely gave me so much love. I am devastated. We had are entire
    family with him today. Thanks again for giving me advice on coping with
    the grief.

  19. lisana yoga says:

    Youre always so amazing robert bless you x


  20. Russell Thain says:

    It doesn’t always have to be a dog or a cat, losing any pet hurts.

  21. JessVideoDude says:

    Thank you for the video, I lost my dog today and the pain is hard to deal
    with. I was fortunate to have my puppy( she was 11 years old, but she was
    always my puppy in my eyes) for many years and she was the sweetest dog
    I’ve ever owned. It’s rough at the moment, but she will always live in my

  22. Walter Broaddrick says:

    don’t tell ppl how they should feel. If they could make peace with their
    pain they would. The only thing we can do is allow ourselves to feel the
    grief abs share the loss with God and friends who will listen and comfort.
    Avoid ppl who encourage you to suppress your pain. everyone heals in
    different ways so we cant possibly know how to tell any person to feel
    about theirs I lost my best friend ( dog) 3 weeks ago and my roommate hurts
    more to see photos and videos of him where as I get sad and go straight to
    the videos where I can see my dog happy. So we deal in different ways but
    we also listen to one another and show caring and understanding. I don’t
    agree with this guy saying if you do this… if you do that. Making
    suggestions is one thing but saying you shouldn’t hold onto it because it
    doesn’t do anyone any good is ridiculous. People are suppose to process
    their own pain in their own way….JUST BE THERE FOR THEM

  23. Thomas Brown says:

    I agree with this perspective. Especially the honouring part…

  24. Plungeit says:

    My cat hasn’t died yet. She has suffered stroke and can’t adjust her head
    position or open her mouth (can’t eat or drink). She has a few days left,
    roughly a week at the most. My animal was a major part of my childhood, for
    the 12 years I’ve been alive I’ve been with it.
    I’m struggling to cope, your video helped so much. Thank you. :)

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