3 thoughts on “10 Minute Guided Meditation To Help Ease Pain From Death, Loss, Grief, Depression and Sadness

  1. shawna mahoney says:

    Thank you, I lost my best friend (my dad) a few days ago… we live
    together and he helped me raise my 3 children 23, 7, 10… he passed
    expectantly while watching my little girls.. we are so broken and in
    shock….I will be watching this many more times thank you… HUGS

  2. Shalay Struhs says:

    When you are dealing with loss, it’s important to find quiet moments where
    you can find peace – to escape from your sense of loss.

    This is an excellent meditation to guide you to that quiet place for a

    #grievingprocess #peace #meditation 

  3. Zenith Blue says:

    Thankyou! :)

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