25 thoughts on “【MAD】Love is a Beautiful Pain – Endless Tears

  1. Kaneisvan137 says:

    updated , the anime used is in descripsion along with the the time where
    the scene appears , thx to commentator “Inori Yuzuriha” 

  2. Kaneisvan137 says:

    I just reuploaded another video~
    and the reason I wasnt reuploading any AMV/MAD for few months is because I
    already recieved 2 warnings of copyright from Youtube…
    if the new video I reuploaded got shot down then I’ll be a goner….
    including this video

    if you really liked this amv then you better start downloading the video~
    thank you~

  3. 蘇嘉婷 says:

    好棒的歌~第一次聽超好聽 前段好感人~

  4. Ruth Liu says:

    i wuv dish shong

  5. Miyako Suzushima says:

    3:18 – What is that anime? I have an idea on what it is, but I just want to
    be sure.

  6. yuzuki yukari says:

    ah!!!!que c beau!!bah c japonais alors c normal!!^^

  7. 王柏清 says:


  8. lalagirl211 says:

    What is the name of the animes?

  9. Anette Horvei says:

    What anime at 0.15 ? :)

  10. NaYe PeDeRiVa says:

    0:00 Angel Beats!
    0:11 Rune Factory: Oceans/Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
    0:15 C³ = Cube×Cursed×Curious
    0:19 Red Data Girl
    0:24 Angel Beats!
    0:36 Sword Art Online
    0:40 Red Data Girl
    0:45 Attack on Titan
    0:50 The Garden of Words
    0:55 5 Centimeters Per Second
    1:05 true tears
    1:10 The Garden of Words
    1:14 5 Centimeters Per Second
    1:20 A Town Where You Live
    1:24 Dusk maiden of Amnesia
    1:26 5 Centimeters Per Second
    1:29 Guilty Crown
    1:31 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    1:34 Guilty Crown
    1:39 true tears
    1:44 sola
    1:48 ef – a tale of melodies.
    1:53 A Town Where You Live
    1:54 Unbreakable Machine-Doll
    1:55 Fate/Zero
    1:58 Inu × Boku Secret Service
    1:59 Sankarea
    2:03 Special A
    2:04 The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
    2:05 Red Data Girl
    2:08 Heaven’s Lost Property
    2:09 Guilty Crown
    2:10 Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!
    2:17 Hyōka
    2:22 Guilty Crown
    2:30 Inu × Boku Secret Service
    2:31 Guilty Crown
    2:32 Hyōka
    2:34 Sunday Without God
    2:41 eden*
    2:51 Guilty Crown
    2:56 The Maidens Are Falling in Love With Me
    3:06 Sunday Without God
    3:10 5 Centimeters Per Second
    3:16 GOSICK
    3:21 Love, Election & Chocolate
    3:26 Sword Art Online
    3:31 The Garden of Words
    3:41 A Town Where You Live
    3:42 The Future Diary
    3:43 OreShura
    3:46 DATE A LIVE
    3:47 Campione!
    3:48 The World God Only Knows
    3:51 Hell Girl
    3:52 Sword Art Online
    3:53 The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
    3:55 eden*
    4:01 Guilty Crown
    4:12 Inu × Boku Secret Service
    4:15 Angel Beats!

  11. Xiao Jiu Wo says:

    i don’t know why there are 594 dislikes…..

  12. Sasuko Uchiha says:

    All of the spectacular animes that I’ve watched are in here!

  13. Chai Syke says:

    imo the saddest hug is from guilty crown (Shu & Inori)

  14. Michelle the lone wolf says:

    +Shadow the Hedgehog I love u

  15. ⓚⓐⓩⓤⓚⓘ ⓢⓗⓘⓝ says:

    *I literally cried the first time I watched this last year QAQ it’s so

  16. Ferdinand Ferrer says:

    Endless Tears Endless Fears Endless Dears (“,)P

  17. Clara General says:

    1:53 amine please

  18. Angela Cramer says:

    love this song

  19. sheggy agogo says:

    What is that anime name with fox tail?

  20. Murder Angel says:

    everyone better if they were anime 

  21. 京川魁 says:

    第一句 君の心に包まれたまま 愛を誓い…
    就這麼被你的心靈包裹 向愛起誓…
    就這樣被你包容 誓言相愛…

  22. Sasha Blouse says:

    Finally sword art online.

  23. CombatArmi says:

    `2:44 *-* ?

  24. ø_Ø Yøúki - Ãsünà ø_Ø I lõvë ånímê says:

    I liked very much for a wonderful degree that I do not appreciate that
    Amazing ♥♡♥

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