8 thoughts on “The Secret in the Soil-bones couples counseling

  1. rtds9fan says:

    The five second rule LOL

  2. acarr1998 says:

    “you can have the one on the ground”lol

  3. daddyland says:

    but wat about the endin when hes lik when he said “u wouldnt hav coffe with
    me?” and hes all sad that part killed me lol

  4. Christina Nguyen says:


  5. melindanjim says:

    i love this!!!

  6. melindanjim says:

    what episode is this?

  7. bylll12313 says:

    they’re fighting over raisins! lol

  8. p3lovr4evr says:

    i can TOOOOTALLY see this acually happening (like between emily and david
    offscreen) hahaha! <3 them!!

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