25 thoughts on “Telling People Secrets!

  1. Jey King says:

    Hahaha made me laugh keep it up!

  2. Enry Dunno says:

    why is she only going up to BBCs

  3. gotti619 says:

    Could try to convince people telling you secrets like
    “Can I tell you a secret?… But you have to tell me a secret first” (Sure,
    don’t put all the footage in the video, just the good one or the one where
    a person actually tells you a secret :P)

  4. scream18775 says:

    “First female prankster ever” ……but what about Andrea from Whatever

  5. AndrewProductionsTV says:

    Of course I can keep a secret, It’s the people I tell it to that can’t.

  6. DevinChi Code says:

    1:37 “Uh oh! Retard alert” sounds just like that guy at first 

  7. bryan schechner says:

    Hi could u respond to this comment 

  8. Matthew Fakhoury says:


  9. Tsa Fack says:

    wow a black guy reject a sex offer ..that’s …interesting

  10. Guywithcrazyideas says:

    Melissa is a fox!

  11. Shining Aurora says:

    I like to put chocolate on my lips as if it were lipstick and then
    seductively lick it off while looking in a mirror. 

  12. IIIIIIIIL says:

    The Barbie doll one ahahaha

  13. Social Awkwardness says:

    i wana be that 101! lol
    Good shit Cody!

  14. harvest says:

    that little tummy on her is fuckin SEXY

  15. Dj Mussy says:

    the only way girls can get anybody’s attention is to do/say something

  16. John Goods says:

    I wish you had a picture of ME on your nightstand, baby! Then I can watch
    you get naked for bed every night… ;)

  17. Michael C says:

    Her body is gross

  18. Fadecountier says:

    id say that first dude was gay for sure haha 

  19. mer meh says:

    Her channel was terminated, what’s up with that?

  20. woody kalawatski says:

    would you mind telling me a secret…?

  21. Richard Clarke says:

    guy 1.20 = awesome

  22. CodeProviderLikesDickUpHisAss says:

    They were so weirded out

  23. Tony Garcia says:

    1:58 holy shit why does that guy even fucking wear pants

  24. brandon winner says:

    I tried to sub and it says her channel has been removed lol

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