25 thoughts on “Success Secrets Training by Dr B V Pattabhiram at Hyderabad

  1. srinivasa m says:

    very nice it is turn life direction

  2. Marcin Marczak says:

    Excellent Speech

  3. Pokuri Vijay says:


  4. tirupathi c says:

    Thanks lot Sir for enlighting speech

  5. Ale khya says:

    thank u sir for giving a lot of motivation

  6. 123456vwxyz says:

    Bhelpuriwaalas can also be a post-grad.

  7. 123456vwxyz says:

    I wish he said that you should be sensible while falling in love be it FB
    or elsewhere.

  8. 123456vwxyz says:

    in the beginning he pointed out that we should not constrain ourselves, at
    30:47 he says kids from lower class should constrain should not fall in
    love….what are u speaking Sirji???? why are u against Love??? PG cheesi
    PhD cheesi postdoc cheesina tarvaatha aa ammayi ekkadooo nenu ekkadooo

  9. Sridha dv says:

    Mr. 123! try to take the good things from his speech!! Or else go to him
    for counseling. Good for you.

  10. 123456vwxyz says:

    Use common sense do not follow anyone blindly like a stupid.

  11. Raghu Yenikepati says:

    good speech

  12. Srinivasa Rao Muvvala says:


  13. Krishna Santosh says:

    wonderfull training

  14. Goutham Krishna says:

    hello sir good speech, For animations 5000/- salary annaru kada nenu Btech.
    For your kind information I am working in Animations getting 6 lac per
    annum ….

  15. Manoj Kumar Pukkala says:

    my frind didnt get job also pls send me ur mail and give a job to him

  16. Goutham Krishna says:

    Talent needed not recommendations. any ways ask him to send me demoreel of
    any one of his best work done …. goutham@tene-ag.com

  17. sanjay kiran says:


  18. lakshmi mavuleti says:

    rakesh varma mavuleti

  19. Hanmandlu Bathini says:

    u r great sir

  20. Phanindra Sekhar says:

    good……….. mr bv pattabiarm garu

  21. Sridha dv says:

    Mr. 123456vwxyz do not follow anyone! But u may follow a legendary
    personality like B.V. Pattabhiram. He has changed millions of lives. If u r
    an Indian or a Hyderabadi u should proud of him. Mr. 123456vwxyz , I can
    understand u r an idiot and stupid too indeed.

  22. Samueleda Samuel says:

    i am zero pattabhiram sir hero ‘o’@hero ofter sir speech

  23. rishi Krushi says:

    The cube trick at 11.50 is absolutely visual treat to see..

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