25 thoughts on “Secrets Behind Illuminati Symbolism Revealed! (2014)

  1. salvaged wretch says:

    amazing, our enemy satan does aaaaaaaall these things in an ever so
    failing attempt to be greater than the One True God. Jesus Christ is that
    powerful. all glory to our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Messiah ! He loves
    us so. have a talk with Him today, He is the Only Way out of this jungle
    known as the world. 

  2. hiram abiff says:

    The Hoover Dam is next on the governments list of false flag attacks. They
    will stop at nothing to get your guns then its game over folks. The NWO
    will then make us worship Prince William as the messiah…. They are

  3. takethegate says:

    Despicable ME’s main character is Gru….Gru = G. One of the depictions
    relate Vatican crusades with the occupation of the temple of Al Aqsa mosque
    with the templar influence on fee masonry…I don’t think so.

  4. Spokes Sim says:

    Muslims aren’t denying Allah. Allah has created everything, and He and only
    He is to be worshiped by His creation. Even if Jesus (peace and blessing of
    Allah be upon him) were the son of Allah, he still has no right to be
    worshiped. Allah has no beginning or end. Jesus does. He was created by
    Allah simply saying “Be” and he was. He came into existing like every other
    creation of Allah, by his saying “Be.” This is easy for Allah, since He is
    All Powerful. Jesus had a mother, he was carried inside of her for nine
    months, then born. He eat, first milk from his mother, then food like the
    rest of us. Look at Adam, Allah created him with no mother or father. He
    fashioned him from clay. His creation was greater than Jesus. were as Jesus
    had a mother. And take Eve, she was created from the rib of Adam. Yet
    again, we do not worship either of them. So to say that Allah has a son is
    false. Allah has commanded us to worship Him and only Him, alone, with no
    partners. The first commandment is not to worship any other god before
    Allah, yet you clearly do that. Allah created us, and He is only deserving
    of all worship. Not His creation.

  5. galaxyguy987 says:

    You can study the occult without going into demonology. Alchemy

  6. MariusDeDracul says:

    Please listen to the song and also read the lyrics. This is one of the most
    popular songs with young people today:
    Deadmou5 “see you”

  7. Ai Mat says:

    This guy is saying a truth,,,,I believe this guy what his talking

  8. bryan Elexander says:

    Wow, you didn’t notice that he has the same bias against the religion
    you’re trying to promote. LOL Christians

  9. bryan Elexander says:

    Monsters INC. really. The film that pokes fun at the monster under the
    bed,etc of children’s wild imagination. It make sense to have a sign
    stating “We scare because we care.” It’s a joke.

  10. bryan Elexander says:

    yellow, red,orange are examples of hot colors. Colors that attract and move
    the eye. Black,Grey,blue,green,etc are called COLD colors. They are less
    noticeable…except if brightened. Someone hasn’t pay attention to or been
    apart of a Humanities course has one?

  11. Justin Stirzaker says:

    Ok watched this video and although got my attention from time to time and I
    still have to question the fact that this is all just coincidence, other
    than these references in movies where is the scientific prove that their
    trying to program us for something, also please help me understand with
    your findings to why you believe that for example movie producers or
    directors are putting symbols like this in their movies, I respect you have
    these beliefs about this, I need more help to see more clearly what other
    than the placing of these symbols mean? For me I don’t think I would of
    noticed them and nor do I think it mattered if I did to only think that, oh
    look that’s a coincidence. Trust me I am watching and listening but I need
    more than this.

  12. KeyAna O.o Calderon says:

    If u beleiven this then you will start seeing the symbols everywhere

  13. David Schofield says:

    Finally a video that nails it when it comes to facts about symbolism!!
    Great work,well done!! There is a reason for advertisement and companies
    paying millions of dollars for commercial space!! BECAUSE IT WORKS!!!
    unfortunately, however it does work on the sleepless American minds!!! STAY

  14. biff malibu says:

    We are probably not going to have a civilized world, until people grow up
    and discard all this ancient bullshit.

  15. Tim G says:

    I still laugh at the people that think they can manipulate these forces
    knowing humans in nature are not free from sin. This is the Icarus
    mentality, ignoring prophecy and thinking they can use this knowledge in
    ushering a Golden Age. If it was possible it would have been done by know
    and prospered. The demonic hierarchy Is very much a reality not just a
    force we manifest but the real shotcallers behind the scene…switching to
    the lesser of two evils ie white magic is still working in your will. A
    singularity is approaching and lofty thoughts of change won’t save us.
    We’re too late in the game by the time these dimensional entities make an
    appearance it will be too late. All has been foretold the Creator knows and
    sees the infection of these beings and put in place Himself as Jesus to
    break this curse…yet people want this occult knowledge for themselves a
    vain pursuit like two fighting over nuclear energy. It’s too much power for
    any generation to handle especially a deeply traumatized one. The world has
    already been tainted time to go home.

  16. Roy Grimaldi says:

    Secrets Behind Illuminati Symbolism Revealed! (20…:

  17. Roy Grimaldi says:

    Secrets Behind Illuminati Symbolism Revealed! (20…:

  18. Dwighte Check says:

    great stuf

  19. Dwighte Check says:

    love this guy

  20. April M. Wilkin says:


  21. Darryl Nimmons says:

    13 stars ,13 colonies thirteen South American Countries,13 North American
    countries,13 Medieval German Principalities 13 12 sons of Issac.one
    daughter 12 sons of Ishmael one daughter .That is a distorted obsession.
    Satans numerical Plan in the book of Gilgamesh 12 sons one daughter.13
    tribes.12 Disciples and then there is Mary of Magdalene. 

  22. GeorgeJr Washington says:

    Look up into the stars of our ancestors

  23. dragonexosaurus says:

    Mortal Kombat=MK

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