8 thoughts on “Secret of the dark world exposed- Apostle John Chi

  1. TheGreennblue says:

    Jesus Christ sets the captives free! Thank you Jesus for the life of John
    Chi and for the good work hes doing for you. I pray his ministry grow,
    prosper and be blessed, in Jesus name, Amen

  2. Joice Thomas says:

    All I can say is glory be to God all mighty for his mercy en duce for ever
    hallelujah good is good and the best is yet to come. 

  3. Thomas Tabi says:


  4. martha haimbili says:

    God is great . every knee shall bow and every tongue must confess that
    Jesus is the Lord. Thank God for his grace upon Johnchi Meh.

  5. Ada Ugo says:

    Powerless demons!!! Where Jesus Christ dwells, demons are so powerless and
    stupid. Now I appreciate the power of prayers. Jesuuuuss!!!!!! That name
    that is above principalities and powers. 

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