12 thoughts on “Relationship Success Support: Introduction

  1. Martijn de Graaf says:

    “What are the forces that influence the success or failure of a
    relationship? What attracts people and draws them together? What tools can
    be used to build a supportive relationship from the beginning, or to repair
    a relationship thought to be broken? In this LIVE hangout we discuss an
    outline of some of the topics that this new Relationship sub-series will be
    covering and we welcome viewers to submit questions and experiences they’d
    like us to discuss in future hangouts.”

  2. Martijn de Graaf says:

    Cool sharing here about relationship experiences and solutions. Looking
    forward to the series.

  3. Yogan Barrientos says:


  4. Andres Felipe Tenjo says:

    Cool #relationship success support 

  5. mijn Lijf mijn Leven says:

    Very cool introduction from a new serie of Relationship Sucess Support
    where relationships are of large influence on our well being.

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