25 thoughts on “Marriage Counseling – You Can Never Change Your Spouse

  1. fredmorand says:

    most important idea to successful couple: the idea that you can never
    change your partner. No 1 mistake as spouses: we try to change our spouse
    to criticism.

  2. honeydip8707 says:

    great thing to think about. Look at yourself first before you say something
    to your partner

  3. leahtiongson says:

    thank you so much…i learned alot.thank you for your free download..God
    bless you..

  4. NoPalePastels says:

    I like that, Paynis, Im going to use that. Thank you.

  5. onlyjoetee says:

    Good advice maam,thank you

  6. Kangala007 says:

    Lady, you obviously haven’t met my wife..

  7. Mrariaman says:

    yeaaaaaaaa my wife is a stupid lazy ass…i regret big time…

  8. bobi meeks says:


  9. christmariyan says:

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  10. opendtuning says:

    actually what this woman shared with us is actually based on Christian
    Principals and if you have to buy a book to find that out then “Oh Dear”

  11. bornblond9gb says:

    So much truth the only person you can change is yourself and the way you
    handle the situation!

  12. RAJASISO says:

    how can i solve this issue with my husband me and my husband we are a young
    family with three kids 4,2,1..i stay home. so he can go to work ,but he
    thinks whatever money he makes i am only allows to buy food and stuff for
    the house ,even for them he says we are broke but he can go and spend $100
    here and there whatever he wants to buy .and he says he deserves it because
    he works for it.i am so confuse .

  13. Snow-Girl says:

    @RAJASISO I’m not a marriage counselor, but that’s a huge problem!!! when a
    father cares about the family, he takes good care of them I suppose ..
    maybe he is too tired by the time he comes home … idk … u should def
    talk to a counselor, this is not healthy for you and the kids! nd if ur not
    happy, then those children who are seeing u the entire day wouldn’t be
    happy either and it would affect them in the long run … hope it works out
    for you!!! take care

  14. mba2ceo says:

    BS … it all depends on the individual … cannot make pudding out of sh!t.

  15. charliekinggolf says:

    try this tip from my channel.. save your marriage through golfing.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Cameron Aanonsen says:

    This is stupid

  17. Russellviews says:

    marriage is a slow death for men. Who wants to jump through hoops to please
    some wacked out female? Women all seem to think they have the moral high
    ground and whatever kooky idea they have about what a marriage should be is
    gospel. NEVER get married fellas! When it ends, and will wish it does, it’s
    rigged in her favor.

  18. can2012pars says:

    @RAJASISO there so many things that both side must consider, when mom stays
    home keep the kids, one thing that is helping me to be alert and thankful i
    asked my wife go sub teaching for a day or so , and i keep the kid for a
    day or more(NOT easy at all), it made a believer out of me that my wife
    does much more than me, and deserve more than just food money. keep study
    and encourage eachother for better relationship,understading eachother and
    appreciate one another,,,,,there are much to learn,,,,

  19. Pabanil Pasion de Erio says:

    You can be a married person but still feel alone

  20. Spadadiforza says:

    The problem here is people try to “change” others….get to know them
    before comitting yourself to something you can’t follow through on.

  21. James Ly says:

    man i gotta clicking on random shit.

  22. dragon27az says:

    How the hell did I end up at this video?!?!

  23. Erik Zane says:

    Don’t Change anything.. just BE the real YOU ..

  24. lanka hewage says:

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  25. sunil sai says:

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