4 thoughts on “Marriage and Family Counseling Lecture 01

  1. NolanPics says:

    Praise the Lord for this! Thankful

  2. Earl Lewis says:

    Love This…..Challenges the norms and traditions.. Just aren’t enough open
    minded people in the world. Too many traditionalist. Great Lecture

  3. just1689 says:

    Hi, I’m really grateful for these resources. Thank you for sharing them.
    I’ts a privilege to sit under them. Is there any way I could get the names
    of the books these men were asked to read for these courses. Some of the
    books are mentioned by name, others by author and some just generally. It
    would be a great help. Thanks

  4. Joshua Crooch says:

    Weird that your comment got flagged a spam. Best thing to do is contact the
    professor via the link I provide in the description and email him your
    request. I don’t have access to their teaching materials. Hope that helps!

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