16 thoughts on “Leo October 2014 Astrology Forecast


    Thanks you Terrence and nice view of Santa Monica beach..

  2. Manasi Agarwal says:

    Which is more important? My sun-sign is Sagittarius and ascendant is Leo.
    Which horoscope reading should I refer to? 

  3. isela acosta says:

    Your information is the only one I’ve heard that hits home for me. I have
    been struggling a lot for the past couple years with family and residential
    home struggles. Hopefully this will end soon. 

  4. VanityVain1 says:

    I am rising Sign in Taurus , Sun in Leo! Thanks for this video! Namaste!

  5. VanityVain1 says:

    You always mention Leo in Leo rising so if we are not Leo rising is not for
    us?? Thanks

  6. VanityVain1 says:

    I am rising sign in Taurus sun in Leo , so should I listen to Taurus
    forecast too! Thanks and peace!

  7. Deb Fowler Nicholson says:

    I always Look forward to your forecasts Terrence, I feel like you are
    speaking directly to me. I have had a couple of really bad years, this can
    only get better!! Thank YOU ♥

  8. lili M says:

    Thank you
    However that was NOT La, it is SM and Huntington beach.

    I live in La and the weather it’s hell at boiling temperature of 105 F.

  9. Łucja R. says:

    I’m a Leo rising with Leo sun.

  10. Angel V says:

    I really hope THIS month finally an old tiring case in my work closes for

  11. Jyoti Patel says:

    You talk about Leo with Leo rising but what about Leo with Aries rising,
    what’s in store for me?

  12. Beenie G. says:

    I am a Leo with Cancer rising, can I get winter tires installed during the
    Mercury retrograde?

  13. Mr Tom says:

    Dear Terrence. I had a job offer on 10th Oct. Is it the right time to sign
    this contract? Help 🙁

    Thank you

  14. Mr Tom says:

    Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I was looking for this job before
    this mercury retrograde.

    Love and respect. 

  15. Sharifa Renenet says:

    Leo sign with Sag rising going through my saturn return(which my saturn is
    in my 12th house)! All I can say is mannnn what a heavy yr this has been…
    I’m glad it’s almost over!

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