25 thoughts on “Inside Amy Schumer – Chrissy Teigen, Couples Counselor

  1. Bolgernow says:

    nice sketch, classic Second City relationship style

  2. ThrillerKiller1122 says:

    These bitches took a shot at Kate

  3. 2ForTheShow says:

    For a split second, I thought the guy was Rick Grimes

  4. G Money says:

    both amy and chrissy are hot dang that guy got luck right their but for
    sure usually a girlfriend ask for a old dude shrink for sure lol

  5. Chris Tian says:

    Amy is 10x better than that chick. The guy is a fool.

  6. Meesta kevin says:

    LOL first time watching this. actually hilarious

  7. HawaiiMclovin69 says:

    Amy Schumer is the funniest female comic.

  8. haiggoh says:

    I will put this calendar to good use… #IfYouKnowWhatIMean 

  9. Steve McKinnie says:

    the writers on this show are genius, Schumer is genius!

  10. Brandon Long says:

    Love Schumer!!

  11. KingCrow says:


  12. godbluffvdgg says:

    Amy is such a fuckin crazy bitch! Funny!

  13. AzNightmare says:

    How does someone that looks like that even get into supermodelling?? Just
    proves that supermodelling is really just a game of luck and connections.

  14. blognewb says:

    It just dawned on me. Chrissy’s a great actress, VERY NATURAL. wow

  15. Laurannah101 says:


  16. MisterTenacious D says:

    “I’m 32” – “Yeah, but you’re a drinker”

  17. Maria Quiban says:

    lol, this cracked me up. Since we’ve hung out with
    #ChrissyTeigen before in my daily #HOA s at +FOX 11 Los Angeles, I
    thought you’d get a kick out of it too.

  18. M Melhem says:

    hahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahah … I fucking lOVE this
    girl ! she is Hilarious 😀 her face when Chrissy is talking is PRICELESS

  19. SirKevinMartin says:

    I fucking laughed so hard at, “Ew, gross. It’s a dick!”

  20. holly medici says:

    she is an ignorant hard core liberal…thats what probably got her into
    modeling…you have to subscribe to liberal fascist attitude..let everyone
    know yr on board …then the media loves you

  21. M Melhem says:

    hahahahaha … ” please put your glasses on ” ! putting them on and letting
    the hair go .. amy : ” no no no nonono noo no no don’t .. do that ”
    2:07 and Amy how does that make you feel ? Makes me feel Unattractive
    Chrissy Teigen !! LMAO
    Amy schumer is probably the Funniest Attractive female Comic these days .
    Love you Amy 🙂 

  22. Vernon Hampton says:

    If I had to choose between Chrissy and Amy, I’m going with Amy. She’s curvy
    and I need something to hold onto.

  23. J.T. Sayers says:

    He moves her hand from his knee LOL

  24. lokken23 says:

    Chrissy Teigen is so hot she made my teeth ache

  25. patton303 says:

    So cro-mag foreheads are a hot thing now? Ok… I’m in.

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