10 thoughts on “Family Counseling : How to Understand Angry Teenagers

  1. kuro mashin says:

    Stay Abstinent and be WANKERS!!!

  2. MegaPurplewaffle says:

    You’ve quite obviously never been a teenager. ‘they think they’re really
    cool if they say something obscene to you’ ? What a steaming pile of shite,

  3. Rafael Lozada says:

    help! lol

  4. Jenny Arce says:

    Thank you so much for this video, I’m going through it now and thus help me
    a lot!

  5. dutch4fire24 says:

    Im curious what you feel teenagers do feel when they use obscenities? I’m
    sure she had to be a teenager at some point, but the separation from when
    she was could have split some general examples to use for the video.Each
    person obviously has their own unconscious motivations and many for me at
    least was the feeling like my parents were attacking me and I couldn’t grow
    up and they were treating me like a child. I felt that I needed to curse to
    make my point and urge them to know I’m being serious

  6. dutch4fire24 says:

    The video was helpful. I really feel you may like the work of Virginia

  7. Timingchameleon says:

    I dont think im cool when I used/use obscenities. I use it as a defense
    system, or as a way of relieving stress when my mum or dad stress me.

  8. MMarkaby says:

    well parents do make mistakes too it was wrong to spend your college fund
    but maybe she had deep financial problems ,my husband spent our kids
    funding too it made me very angry too but financially we had too

  9. Rose Eddie says:

    Is anyone else a teen that’s looking at this and think, “My parents better
    not pull this shit on me.” 

  10. Gursimran Bains says:

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