7 thoughts on “Co-Counselling (1): How it has helped people

  1. romipony says:

    I have done co counselling in the past, I have found it very helpful, I
    think the techinques stay with you, i have found it very useful.

  2. MsBobbyMac says:

    Good stuff this :-))

  3. Julian Briggs says:

    Excellent. Julian (long term co-counsellor)

  4. Howard Fair says:

    This looks lovely. If’ I’d discovered this before I discovered RC I might
    still be doing it! No grandiose claims in he realms of neuroscience or
    politics to be seen here! Thank you for posting.

  5. gedq says:

    brilliant, brilliant stuff but please buy a tripod I’m getting seasick here.

  6. Linda M. Austin says:

    Very glad to see this on u tube. Almost did not look as RC community very
    hush mouth about its techniques and classes. Main network starts in
    Seattle, WA. Best to all. LMA

  7. mezo27 says:

    This sounds amazing! So much like some of the things we do at my favorite
    camp for adults, Kindred Spirits! I’m deffinitely gonna want to learn more
    about this!

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