16 thoughts on “An introduction to counselling skills

  1. rashid umar says:

    well explained.. good

  2. pathoflife100 says:

    Hi Rory, I’ve recently begun my diploma of counselling and this video has
    been a great help, Thank you.

  3. Ildiko Moldovan says:

    Thank you I am taking Community service worker training,and i found really
    helpful your expications……thank you

  4. CounsellingResource says:

    Hi lldiko Check out counsellingtutor for more information on counselling
    skills Rory

  5. JESSY AWO says:


  6. lieanne vennard says:

    could anyone please tell me how to write out towards thelearning candidate
    assessment ? do i write findings in my journel ?

  7. shane2011smith says:

    Thank you Rory. Very clear and well presented piece.

  8. Blossom Du Jour says:

    I really liked the part about tea; “and I like tea”. 

  9. karen ward says:

    thankyou so much this is very usefull 

  10. Baskaran Ramasamy says:

    good effort!

  11. Nadine Mccalla says:

    thank you xxx

  12. Somoud Barghouthy says:

    Hello Dr.Rory,

    First of All, I would like to thank you for your great videos. Anyway, I am
    wondering if you can send me the right subtitle file of this video in order
    to translate it to Arabic.

    Thank you

  13. joline12 says:

    Thank you very much for posting this 

  14. tina jansen says:

    Thankyou Rory, very useful & will be watching again. :-)

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