18 thoughts on “5 Secret Ways To Boost Credit Score In 30 Days – Fix Your Credit Score Fast [NO BS!]

  1. How To Get Your Loan says:

    5 secret tips to improving your credit score

  2. Mark Clayborne says:

    Good information: Make sure you don’t max out the cards and keep them
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  10. Arti Mi says:

    anti-credit program. Credit is not needed! In whose interest do not borrow
    money in the Bank, but to increase them. And also repay the current debt

  11. Fast Credit Repair says:

    I found that the easiest way to build back credit scores fast is to keep a
    balance between 3-7% and it makes wonders! This helped to many of our

  12. Bad Credit Coach says:

    This is a great video on debt and credit scores….checking for errors is
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  13. Q Scott says:

    Simple, quick, & easy solution to fix your own credit ratheer than paying
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  14. bigpuzino says:

    asking for a credit line increase will usually put a hard inquiry on your
    credit and hurt your score 

  15. RED MONEY says:


  16. RED MONEY says:


  17. haidey Tapia says:

    I dont owe any credit cards I just have past due bills on collections like
    phone bill hopital bills how can I fix my credit do I have pay all of these
    collections out in total its like 3000 dollars so I dont know what to do?

  18. PrideofWhitey says:

    Please tell me you didn’t tell people to keep their utilization under 70%.
    Anything above 30% is too high. For maximum results, it’s best to keep it
    under 10%.

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