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  1. PittLegit says:

    I did not find this helpful at all. I need numbers. What are ideal, yet
    attainable, GPA’s and MCAT scores?

  2. kateaugustyniak says:

    @markzb13 sadly yes

  3. shellysk23 says:

    looks im not getting into med school lol

  4. May171976 says:

    Thank you for this. I am a freshman in college and my goal is to become an
    OB/GYN. I enjoyed this video so much because it gave hope that even I can
    follow through.

  5. maxschell says:

    you talk very slowly

  6. kenshin11 says:

    So how many activities should you get involved in while as an undergraduate
    Pre-Med student? And how often should you volunteer, like for 3 hrs, a week
    for 6-12 months? And for how many different volunteer activities?

  7. zeldadu09 says:

    Exactly, what does he mean by order of classes taken??

  8. Anjali Raghavan says:

    what does “order of classes” mean??

  9. wholeNwon says:

    Please learn to spell it before you apply!

  10. U WUT M8? says:

    speaking a little too slow for me :/ hmm but good info

  11. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    Thank you too for watching. Be sure to check out our main channel too!

  12. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    Colton, if we could speed it up for you… we would 🙂 Thanks for watching
    our MCAT video and be sure to see our main channel Top Test Prep for more
    videos. Thanks!

  13. Mariah Higuera says:

    Hey I would like to be like you when I grow up 😀 Does that mean you can be
    my advisor?

  14. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    We love the fact that’s your favorite part of this MCAT video :)!!

  15. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    Yes, pre-medical students should absolutely have a foundation in organic
    chem – not just for med school admissions, but because it provides solid
    problem solving skills. Thanks again for watching Peter!

  16. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    We have had students take the MCAT out of high school, but recommend you
    take it at least after first year or with a solid course like Biology

  17. tromboneandfalcons says:

    Im looking to become a neurologist. What would be the best undergraduate
    major for me?

  18. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    We would recommend sticking to the M.D. by itself – medical school requires
    a lot of time and energy, and you’ll want to graduate in time to have a
    successful career as a neurologist 🙂

  19. welightupthedark says:

    hihi! i’m taking the three sciences, but i’m gonna have to choose between
    biology and physics in a couple months. i like physics more, but would
    choosing physics over biology put me at a disadvantage if i want to become
    a gynecologist? thanks! :))

  20. Top Test Prep™ | #1 Tutors and Expert Admissions says:

    If you’re applying to medical schools and taking the MCAT exam, then you
    should take what the AAMC recommends which is both physics and biology
    before you apply to med school. These are required by most medical schools,
    and to have a complete application, you will need both – physics and bio
    before you can become a doctor.

  21. agent475816 says:

    Do you take the MCAT during college? I’m a senior in high school and I want
    to know what’s to come. please answer.

  22. SuperSnowman111 says:

    @hamdi_qazzaz You take it similarly to the SATs in high school; sometime
    during your junior or senior year of college.

  23. Top Test Prep says:

    How to Get into Med School – MCAT Prep:
    ★★ Secrets to Getting into Medical School ★★ | TopTestPrep.com

    MCAT Tips and Advice for Admissions:

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